Season 2 Episode 10: Decolonizing with Jamee Pineda

Pray for the dead, and fight like hell for the living.

Mother Jones

Welcome back to the Queer Circle Podcast where Queer healers come to the mic to share their journeys and what they’d tell their younger selves. Today’s guest is Jamee Pineda (he/him/siya). He is a queer, nonbinary, trans person with Tagalog and Chinoy ancestry living on Piscataway Territory (Baltimore, MD). He practices Hilot and Chinese medicine in virtual formats which include classes, workshops, and on-on-one sessions. Jamee graduated with an MPA from The Evergreen State College in 2008 and a MAcOM from the Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine in 2015. He was initiated into the practice of Hilot at the Hilot Academy of Binabaylan by Apu Adman and Lakay Magbaya in 2020 (with ongoing mentorship). Currently he is in his first year of Witch School with Ylvadroma Marzanna Radziszewski. To learn more about Jamee’s work, check out his website, his instagram @jameepinedahealingarts and his new podcast The Decolonizing Medicine Podcast.

Listen to this Episode HERE.

Music by Purple Fluorite (Bandcamp // or all the streaming platforms)


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