Season 2 Episode 9: We are the Bridge with Tavi Hawn

Hope is a Song in a Weary Throat

Pauli Murray

Welcome Back to the Queer Circle Podcast, where Queer Healers come to the mic to share their journeys and what they’d tell their younger selves. Today’s guest is Tavi Hawn (they/them), a Non-Binary Trans, Multi-racial Indigiqueer and 2Spirit Gender Therapist, Trainer and Public Speaker with Tsalagi (Cherokee), English, Irish, and West African roots based in Baltimore, Maryland/Occupied Piscataway lands. They hold a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies and a Master’s of Social Work from University of Washington in Seattle. Currently they have a group therapy and training practice in Baltimore MD that centers 2SLGBTQ+ and BIPOC experiences in therapy, training/consulting, social/community events, and all aspects of the business. To learn more about their work, check them out on their website or on instagram @hawntherapyandconsulting.

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