What stories have you never heard?

As Queer people, we experience erasure in every way. We may not know what we’ve been missing. This is an opportunity for us to find healing by finding ourselves in the stories of marginalized healers of all backgrounds. They have, in the spirit of generosity and vulnerability, come together to share the deeper part of themselves and their journey as an offering to the community. That’s the power of story medicine; to find and locate ourselves within our own heroic journey and be able to chart our way forward. This podcast is structured according to the Monomyth, as popularized through Joseph Campell’s work with the Hero’s Journey. My hope, as facilitator, is that the most marginalized voices become amplified, connected to a larger community, providing wholeness and healing to future healers. Because you heal, you are a healer. And when you heal, you become more whole. And that’s exactly what we need in this world. You.

Billy Janes, (they/them)
Queer Circle Podcast Creator