Commitment to Accessibility

Why & How

Our Queer Community includes Hard of Hearing and Deaf persons of all intersections. To make sure this population is included, instead of excluded as is common, we are working to make this podcast accessible. One way we are doing this is by providing transcripts for each episode. Because this is economically difficult, we are using auto-captioning via YouTube until we have the funds to pay for professional transcription services. Each episode will include a YouTube link where auto-captioning can be found. Once enough funds have been raised for transcription, the transcript will be added to episodes. If you are able-bodied, please consider donating to the cost of transcription for our disabled siblings who have been historically ignored, left behind and undervalued in our movement. Transcription services cost $1 per minute. If you have an episode you really love that hasn’t been transcribed, consider donating for that minute count. Venmo: