Season 2 Episode 1: On the Path of the Wounded Healer with Carlos Campos Haycock

Only the wounded physician heals.

Carl Jung

Welcome back to the Queer Circle where Queer Healers come to the mic to share their journeys and what they’d tell their younger selves. Today’s guest is Carlos Campos Haycock (he/him), a Queer Trans Mexican American in Oakland, CA/Occupied Ohlone land. Carlos has been practicing these last 15 years as a registered nurse and is currently nursing on an acute care floor of a San Francisco hospital. Carlos is also a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in California. To get in contact with Carlos, you can email him at .

To listen to this episode, click HERE. CW: Mention of rape and abuse.

Music by Purple Fluorite (Bandcamp // or all the streaming platforms)

COMING SOON. Please see our page about accessibility HERE. Until the transcript is available, please watch the auto-captions here:

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