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Occupied Celtic lands

Rev. Dr. David William Parry

Pronouns: He/Him
Identifications: British/Irish Celt, Gay, Male

Healing Modalities: Prayer Healer
Qualifications/Credentials: BA Religious Studies at King’s College London; MA Pastoral Theology at Heythrop College, University of London; Honorary Doctor of Divinity from the Holy See of Antioch and the Apostolic Old Catholic Church

Bio: Rev Dr David William Parry is a gay award-winning author of three books, founder and pastor of Valentine’s Hall (an emerging queer-affirming church in South London, UK) and dramatist previously involved in nine theatrical plays as director, producer and/or actor; one of which premiered at the House of Lords. Amongst other things, he offers regular lectures and sermons on art, religion, theatre and libertarianism, most recently as a TEDxLambeth speaker. He is a Fellow in both the Royal Society of Arts and the Royal Asiatic Society, while his personal motto is “honi soit qui mal y pense”.

Instagram: @dparry777
Email: dparry777@hotmail.com