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Philadelphia, PA
Occupied Lenape lands

Rebecca Francesca Cariati

Pronouns: She/Her
Identifications: Queer, Cisgender, Femme, Jewish

Healing Modalities: Chinese medicine, Acu-phototherapy, Herbal medicine, “Food as nourishment” guidance, Supplements
Qualifications/Credentials: L.Ac. specializing in postpartum and pediatric care for LGBTQIA-2+ families and kids

Bio: Licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, Queer femme, Jew of radical persuasions and second-generation Italian, Rebecca Francesca Cariati (she/her) was in her twenties when Chinese Medicine found her. She built Spectrum Chinese Medicine for postpartum Queer families, their kids at any age, and LGBTQIA-2+ youth looking for joyful and gender-affirming care. Offerings are also virtual and worldwide.


Patrick Fox W.

Pronouns: He/Him

Identifications: White Trans Man

Healing Modalities: Narrative therapy approach to healing trauma and grief

Qualifications/Credentials: LICSW, Psychotherapist

Bio: I don’t ask what’s wrong with you, but rather, what’s happened to you? I believe there is power in telling our stories as a means of healing through being fully seen and witnessed, both by the listener and storyteller, which can aid in helping my clients see their own resilience, unique wisdom and access the part of oneself that I refer to as one’s Higher Self. I help create opportunities to retell our stories in a way that can feel empowering and inspire change which offers freedom from the heavy baggage so many carry with us.