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Philadelphia, PA
Occupied Lenape lands

Rebecca Francesca Cariati

Pronouns: She/Her
Identifications: Queer, Cisgender, Femme, Jewish

Healing Modalities: Chinese medicine, Acu-phototherapy, Herbal medicine, “Food as nourishment” guidance, Supplements
Qualifications/Credentials: L.Ac. specializing in postpartum and pediatric care for LGBTQIA-2+ families and kids

Bio: Licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, Queer femme, Jew of radical persuasions and second-generation Italian, Rebecca Francesca Cariati (she/her) was in her twenties when Chinese Medicine found her. She built Spectrum Chinese Medicine for postpartum Queer families, their kids at any age, and LGBTQIA-2+ youth looking for joyful and gender-affirming care. Offerings are also virtual and worldwide.