North Carolina

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North Carolina
Occupied Cherokee land


Pronouns: He/They
Identifications: Queer Trans

Healing Modalities: Shiatsu Therapist,
Credentials/Qualifications: Owner of Mountain Zen Shiatsu. BA in Environmental Science from Northwestern University, MFA in creative writing from Antioch Los Angeles, graduate of Zen Shiatsu Chicago and licensed shiatsu practitioner.

Bio: Raymond is a shiatsu therapist (currently on pandemic hiatus), writer, sound producer, and keyboardist.
Contact Raymond at and listen to his music at For more information, check out their podcast episode HERE.

Instagram: @mountainzenshiatsu

Durham, North Carolina
Occupied Shakori, Lumbee, and Skaruhreh/Tuscarora land

James E. Stewart

Pronouns: He/Him
Identifications: GayHealing Modalities: Hoodoo practitioner and rootworker of 10+ years  
Qualifications/Credentials: Owner/Operator of Conjure Cleaning, based in Durham, NC

Bio: I was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina. I grew up down a dirt road, in a very Christian home where spirituality was (and still is) almost tangible. Our parents instilled in us a deep appreciation and love of God. As I grew up I began to delve into other waters of spirituality. I initially studied and practiced paganism for a few years. While I liked the feeling of having a different conversation with the divine, something didn’t quite fit. It wasn’t until I discovered Hoodoo around age 18 that I began to feel more alignment with my spiritual path and a connection to my ancestors.
That’s not to say that I didn’t have some figuring out to do along the way. It wasn’t until 22 that I became consistent with my practice. Through the help various teachers, books, and my ancestors, I began to piece together methods of healing, cleansing, protection, and manifesting my goals. That was around the same time that I started professional home cleaning as a side job. Spirit eventually led me to combine both my spiritual practices with my love of transforming someone’s space. Thus, Conjure Cleaning was born.
For more information, check out his podcast episode HERE.